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The earliest known enamelled objects were made in the 13th Century, before Christ.  Today, we create unique and bespoke designs using the same process.  Our award-winning creations are made onsite in our Nottingham workshop.

Blue Enamel locket
Peacock Earrings
Garnet and Enamel Locket
Green Sapphire and Enamel Locket
Amethyst and Enamel Pendant
Enamel Pendant
Diamond and Sapphire Locket
Moon Stone Angel Pendant
Rhodolite Garnet Butterfly Pendant
Sun and Moon Enameled Brooch
Peacock Enameled Brooch
Red Enamel Earrings
Enameled Earring
Enameled Men's Cufflinks
Swan Pendant
Silver Scent Bottle
Silver Enamelled Pendant
Silver Enamelled Brooch
Silver Enamelled Goose Brooch
Peacock Enameled Ring
Silver Enamelled Stoned Ring
Silver Domed Enamel Ring
Blue Enamel Ring
Green Enamel Ring
Silver Blue Enamel Stoned Ring
Silver Green Enamel Pendant
Silver Enamel Necklaces

Harry had a successful evening with the VIP's at the Victoria & Albert museum displaying his beautifully crafted enamel work.  Harry has been awarded the QEST scholarship for enamelling by the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust.  The enamel work has been hand-raised, hand-engraved, enamelled and precious stone set by Harry. 

To read more about his life's work click here.

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